Fantasy, Adventure, Co-op, Semi Co-op, Solo


60 mins



About The Game

Epic Seven Arise is the tabletop adaptation of the popular mobile game in which the heroes must save the 7th world from destruction.

It is a cooperative game for 1 to 4 players, each player takes the role of the Heirs, beings chosen to save the 7th reconstructed world. Play the game and protect the land of Orbis from the Archdemon and the Acolytes.
The board game expands the universe of the original game considerably, emphasising the depth of the storyline, yet the focus is on the interactions driven by the game's storey and decision making. Complete the missions and get the highest score to become Grand Champion!

Game Contents
1       Rulebook

1       Merchant Dashboard
1       Adventure Dashboard
4     Dice

8     Hero Character Cards
8     Meeples

12    Enemy Attack Cards
Map Tiles

36  Skystones
32   Highly Detailed Miniatures

76   Skill Cards

30   Artifact Cards

207  Cardboard Tokens

6 Chapter Boxes

6      Setting Cards
15    Cardboard Tokens
20    Story Cards
23   Encounter Tokens

68   Game Cards


Highly Detailed Miniatures

Hero Character Cards

Encounter Tokens and Cardboard Tokens

6 Chapter Boxes

Adventure Dashboard

Merchant Dashboard

Map Tiles


Skill Cards


Artifact Cards


Enemy Attack Cards




Status Effects


Cardboard Tokens


Story Cards


Setting Cards


Monster Cards


Monster Tokens






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*This image is a mock-up design, it’s not the final version of the game